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12/31/2012 Weekly Stock Scans

PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:20 pm
by Cobra
There're 14 long watches, 8 short watches this week. Some of them are inherited from the last week's scan. Those last week's picks that had breakout or the chart pattern became bad are not listed here anymore because they're no longer Base and Breakout setup, in which the weekly scan is focused. It doesn't mean they're not worth trading anymore. Also the scan includes Canadian stocks, they're rare though.

Although Non-Stop Model is officially on the buy side now, it's a tricky time because of the fiscal cliff stuff going on in Washington DC, so this week's scan includes short watches.


The major criteria for picking either long watches or short watches is base and breakout setup. So again, let's be crystal clear, before the breakout or breakdown, it's not buy or sell.






HERE explained why most stocks chosen are at or near 52-week high. Generally you should buy 52-week high not 52-week low. HERE is my simple explanation if you don't want to read the lengthy link I provided.
HERE explained how to determine your position size. Generally you cannot simply all in on one stock.
HERE explained Base and Breakout Setup and how to trade, which is the major criteria most stocks were chosen.
All long watches must have 3 month average volume above 500K and the current day volume above 200K and price above $2.
All short watches must have 3 month average volume above 1M and the current day volume above 500K and price above $5.
No consideration of the broad market trend, the ER time. Those long watches may sell off hard if the broad market corrects, those short watches may rebound sharply if the broad market rallies. So when trading those stocks, be sure always bear the trend of the broad market in mind. Stocks a tiny wave while the trend is tide, there's no way a tiny wave beats the gigantic tide.
It's auto scan. Not a stock recommendation, trade with your own risks!

Re: 12/31/2012 Weekly Stock Scans

PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:23 pm
by Cobra
Great week for stock market, so no surprises, all the week's picks had the breakout, so the next week's pick may have to start from scratch.


Green cycle means a successful breakout/breakdown, so the pick won't be in the next week's list anymore.
Red cycle means a false breakout/breakdown, the pattern in this case may not go bad yet, so still could be in the next week's list.
X means the pattern is gone bad, so the pick won't be in the next week's list anymore.