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A sample trading strategy for my weekly stock picks

PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2013 10:56 am
by Cobra
A sample trading strategy for my weekly stock picks:

See chart below on how to set Buy Stop.

Normally, you can set GTC Buy Stop then attach an automatic Stop Loss (if your borker doesn't support automatic stop loss, you can always set stop loss after the buy stop triggered), then leave it there until it triggers. I usually pick 10+ stocks every week (yes, it's intentional), so in the weekend, you just set all those 10+ Buy Stop with attached Stop Loss, then wait for breakout and collect money the next week. It's the same as fishing, consider all those Buy Stops are your bait. You don't need care which pattern looks better, which breakout would be real as in the most cases, most breakouts are real. So 10+ stocks, say, 7 breakout, 3 eliminations (therefore buy stop not triggered, you don't lose anything in elimination cases), 5 are real breakout. You still make money.

Trading is art, so it's just an idea. You need adjust to fit your own style of course. I have thousands of readers, about just a few hundreds are interested in the weekly stock picks as I guess few knows the trick of a simply buy stop then wait, not much work. However, if eventually this method gets too much attention, I'd be forced to set a limit access, so enjoy while it lasts.


Re: A sample trading strategy for my weekly stock picks

PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 3:36 pm
by Cobra
Based on the above mentioned sample strategy, here's an Excel Sheet to help you calculating position size and target. Feel free to change the sheet.

Click to download the Excel Sheet below:

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A simply explanation on what the Excel Sheet does for you: