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Why should you buy an apartment in Kottayam?

Why should you buy an apartment in Kottayam?

Postby jefin » Tue Sep 24, 2013 1:37 am

Are you planning to buy a flat/apartment in central Kerala? Before getting ready to make the largest investment of your life, make sure to visit Kottayam, the intellectual capital of Kerala. Kottayam is one among the very few towns in central Kerala where you can quickly find a living space without burning a hole in your wallet. Far away from the hustle and bustle, Kottayam has some of the finest residential areas in Kerala, with eco-friendly ambience and best-in-class infrastructure.
Kottayam may not have opulent shopping malls, attractive shops, or lavish eateries like Kochi or any other metro city that you’ve been, but this magnificent town, located a little south to central Kerala, has a cosmopolitan, yet value-based and sophisticated society, along with a rich cultural heritage that makes this beautiful town stand out from the rest of the places in Kerala. The land of letters, legends, latex and lakes, Kottayam is rich in lush greenery and affordable land for housing purposes, along with best-in-class infrastructure and other required facilities which are available at affordable prices. Hence a builders in Kottayam need not splurge a huge amount of cash to build an elegant apartment/flat in one of the best residential areas in Kottayam, which means it will obviously make apartments/flats in Kottayam affordable to everyone, especially to those from the low and middle income groups.
With more and more developments on the anvil, Kottayam will soon become a prominent town in the state, which means, if you can now manage to make a wise investment in Kottayam, you can definitely reap huge profits in the coming years.
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Re: Why should you buy an apartment in Kottayam?

Postby jack black » Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:01 pm

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