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08/25/2011 Intraday Watering

Re: 08/25/2011 Intraday Watering

Postby AK84 » Thu Aug 25, 2011 4:21 pm

soku wrote:
AK84 wrote:
Cobra wrote:well, guess that's it for today. Bears don't want to see a low of day close because that would be a Bearish Engulfing on the SPY daily chart which actually is bullish, very very, so a little rebound until close it's good. Thank you guys, I'll see you tomorrow. We had a great day, by the way, because we have 18 pages today, the most posted day ever. :lol:

I think 3 of those pages were me trying ti explain that i was joking earlier about a comment I made. :lol:

lol only 2.5 per my count. even w/o the mess u made, it is still the longest i think. per cobra, it will be an interesting day tomorrow.
a side note, i will be busy watching tv and doing analysis tomorrow for my job. i will see you guys monday.
good luck everyone.

haha ! What kind of work do u do man ?
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Re: 08/25/2011 Intraday Watering

Postby babaro22 » Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:18 am

dollar gives signs of bottoming, no new low in the last 5 months. It looks like the market is not counting on a new QE.
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