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Weekend Watering Hole

Re: Weekend Watering Hole

Postby cougar » Sun Aug 28, 2011 7:45 pm

99er: LOL! Nothing came with the “espresso machine’ except its ability to make coffee and to say “….Pfffsss….”. Everything else is made by cougar…In the process of trials and use, a few TA systems acquired some individual “definition” and were incorporated by me in a BOT-dependent set of files, called “Volpinacci“: a fusion of Volpino (in Italian = fox) and Fibonacci. That’s all…
Nothing has been bought “as such” and nothing that I put together is or will be for sale.
I am not a salesman. I invest and trade only for myself. Period. I contribute here for fun, like many other people…
I am sorry if my espresso machine or Volpinacci jokes were taken too seriously and created some confusion…

Have a great day tomorrow!
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Re: Weekend Watering Hole

Postby 99er » Sun Aug 28, 2011 9:17 pm


Thanks. I was afraid that such analytical power would not be available from Trade Station. There's a guy named gcisright who souped up his trading platform as well; that machine could crank out Gann concepts almost as well as Volpinacci.

Well...guess I'm left with my ruler and crayons; here's BKX

See you here next weekend!
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