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01/18/2012 Intraday Watering

Re: 01/18/2012 Intraday Watering

Postby SWalsh » Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:30 pm

taggard wrote:
yeah see that totally--but again is there away around going to work for some corp at 80k? how can they find a way around this meat grinder. way at all. Resumes all over the place but no one is hiring. Plus, there is a stigma of a top school. A job for perhaps $50,000 won't be offered to you these days as they won't sign a 3 year contact with you AND if by some miracle things get better, they know you will be looking for a higher paying job.

Luckily I raised very strong kids. But it doesn't change the job mkt. I'm in one of the top 20 cities in America. A few weeks ago I was by a heavily traveled shopping center - PetSmart, LesliePool, etc. I counted 32 store fronts. There were 17 "AVAILABLE" signs. Business was so good the builder has a twin of it across the road. Same situation. The biggest screw-up in this whole debacle was not allowing the bank stockholders to take losses and the banks to be made primarily smaller. Now they control the markets. This will be a case study in what not to do in an update of "It's Different This Time", which were Templeton's favorite words.
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Re: 01/18/2012 Intraday Watering

Postby mozart » Wed Jan 18, 2012 7:56 pm

Silver,right under trend line:
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