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02/13/2021 Weekend Update

Re: 02/13/2021 Weekend Update

Postby QED » Mon Feb 15, 2021 5:47 pm

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Modeling bitcoin price dynamics with systems dynamics theory ... 28d788fd0e

Bitcoin: Stock-to-Flow Ratio ... oFlowRatio

Modeling Bitcoin Value with Scarcity ... fa0fc03e25

Time crypto market tops and bottoms

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Re: 02/13/2021 Weekend Update

Postby merryme » Mon Feb 15, 2021 7:15 pm

I took this class: ... 0Analytics.

It was an excellent starter and got me on board with cryptocurrency. Even if you don't trade them you can monitor them at Bitcoin acts like a leading indicator.

Alessio Rutigliano blog is very interesting too: ... ocurrency/
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Re: 02/13/2021 Weekend Update

Postby JFR » Mon Feb 15, 2021 11:29 pm

Some questions for those interested (opinions sought):

Relative to the bitcoin phenomenon, what is the future of central banks?

Relative to the bitcoin phenomenon, what is the future of corporate banks?

What about people off the grid? No internet. No taxes, etc. They will not be involved with BTC or any cryptocurrency.

Have you traded bitcoin? What are the transaction costs?

How highly do you rate bitcoin as a store of value, compared to gold, real estate, blue chip stocks, commodities, art or currencies?

How do you rate bitcoin as a means of speculation, compared to stocks, forex or futures?

What happens after the mining limit of 21,000,000 bitcoins is reached?


For the next few years, bitcoin is off my radar as a speculation medium. And also as a store of value. I am not expecting the destruction of the banking system, nor of the currency markets, nor of real estate as a store of value.

In a few more years, if bitcoin, et al, seem viable, I might take a relatively small position, almost out of curiosity, and an abundance of caution. I gather Elon Musk has taken a position. I will be interested if Buffett, Gates or Bezos do the same.

For myself I do not write it off as a gimmick or scam. It is just something I have no need for, nor interest in as an investment or as speculation. There is already enough stuff going on for those interests. I am not anticipating the collapse of Western civilization, the banks, and the currency markets at this time. If that happens (not going to happen), it is time for more gold coins in the back yard.

Just in my opinion.

There is a mass of information available. For bitcoin, I am more interested in opinions and experience on this site, rather than in referenced websites. We can all do our own research, although some might like the references.
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