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01/26/2013 Weekend Update

Re: 01/26/2013 Weekend Update

Postby Cobra » Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:35 pm

PanamaJack wrote:Take time to vote for the snake - Good trades this week everyone!!!

Thanks. :mrgreen:

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Re: 01/26/2013 Weekend Update

Postby Sleeperz » Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:47 am

When will the market correct? When interest rates start to rise or when the Big Boys sense it will start to rise with each countries race to devalue their currencies.

From Canadian Business
3 hidden risks for dividend investors
Watch bonds, interest rates, regulation. ... investors/

1. Rising interest rates

The massive monetary stimulus now being meted out by central bankers should at some point trigger a business upturn, which, in turn, should start an upward cycle in interest rates. That’s because bond holders will start selling down their positions as the flight to safety goes into reverse and inflation fears edge upward.

Rising interest rates increase the attractiveness of bonds vis-à-vis dividend stocks, so there will be some rotation out of dividend stocks. At the same time, cyclical and growth stocks will be enjoying relatively strong earnings growth and siphoning funds away. In short, prices for dividend stocks could find it tougher to keep up, resulting in lower total returns (capital gains + income) than the broader market on a secular and cyclical basis.
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